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Plant Engineering
engineer-xpert: Scope of services


Field of Activities

The long-term experience and know-how in plant engineering is based on a variety of technologies of single components, trains or units as well on overall plant design including the different engineering disciplines, covering the mentioned type of facilities:

Field of Activities

• Gas & synthesis technologies
• Distillation
• Chemical and industrial plants
• Special projects and applications

• Offsites
• Utilities
• Package units

Process & Engineering

Professional knowledge in process engineering and design will offer the most important basis for the required engineering and plant solutions as well for the subsequent - cost-intensive - detail engineering and construction phases.

Investing in quality by experience during this basis phase will save total costs all things considered.

Process & Engineering

• Wide-ranging scope of process and basic engineering
• PFD´s
• PID´s
• Datasheets
• Equipment
• Control & instrumentation design

• PU-specifications
• Interconnecting and tie-ins
• Interface engineering

• Check and review of proposals and engineering documents
• Debottlenecking

• Co-ordination within process activities and between
  engineering disciplines
• Equipment and bid comparison
• Cost estimation
• Case studies part-load & upset-condition

• Hazop investigation
• Value engineering


The main emphasis is put on project scheduling, engineering planning, co-ordination and control beside reporting of progress, status and critical issues.

As a primary goal, project management activities shall guide and support the project performance as well as cost effectiveness and secondary serves for reporting to the management.


• Project management and co-ordination between the involved
  parties and disciplines
• Establishing of project time schedule
• Activities in status, manpower and progress controlling
• Engineering split
• Overall design features
• Sub-contractor and vendor selection

Consulting & Studies

Checking or investigating on different issues for reasonable solutions, economical ness or feasibility combined with valuable cost aspects will be backed-up by corresponding consulting services and / or studies.

Consulting & Studies

• Feasibility & design studies
• Bid comparison
• Evaluation
• Proposal preparation & checking
• Authority engineering

Start-Up Activities

Start-up manuals and planning for process plants need comprehensive understanding of technologies, controls, interlocking for save plant operation and handling of upset-conditions.

PID check at site and early training in addition form an important role.

Start-Up Activities

• Preparation of operating manual
• Case studies for part-load and upset-conditions
• PID-plant-check
• Assistance in operating and supervision and start-up

Experiences & References

The great variety in references listed below is showing the extensive experience and substantiates the professional know-how in special and general plant engineering.

Experiences & References

• Gas production
• Synthesis plants
• Distillation
• Package units

Offsites and utility systems:
• Steam Boiler
• Steam- and condensate-system
• Cooling water
• Cooling tower
• Water treatment
• Air separation
• I-Air unit
• Desalination
• Flare system
• Tank farm
• Loading
• Gas turbine
• Safety devices

• Industrial project for airbags-chemicals
• Chemical Production Plant
• Design Study of Research Equipment (High Enthalpy Pulse
  Propagation Channel)

• Lead management of the German Consortium for Oil Well
  Fire Fighting (Kuwait)
• Safety Studies on Pipeline Network
• Authority Engineering
• Design study on Bio-Methanol Plant

• Experience abroad: Austria, Brazil, Kuwait, Mexico, PR China,
  Yugoslavia, USA

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